No pollution

No organic solvent is used and no pollution to extractant.

High selectivity

High selectivity on target substance and highly-concentrated extractant could be obtained.

Low temperature

Extraction in low temperature condition does not destroy natural active ingredients.


CO2 gas is easy to get, cheap, can be recycled in production.

About SCFE

Supercritical fluid extraction is a new and advanced separation technology in modern chemical industry, which refers to a process during which solute diffuses in solvent when solvent and raw material are in full contact in extractor under high pressure and proper temperature. Then the solute will be separated from the solvent in separator by changing operating conditions.
Recently supercritical fluid extraction technology has been developed in a quick pace home and abroad and applied in industrial scale on humulus lupulus, spices, Chinese herbal medicines, oils, petrochemistry, health food, etc.

Why Choose Us?

  • Provider of over 100 sets of SFE systems
  • Aerospace brand with military quality
  • R&D supported by National Engineering Centre
  • Core parts manufactured by us with our own patens
  • High-precision automatic control
  • Saving you 1/3 power consumption for same capacity
  • Saving you 2/3 investment for same capacity
  • Training, process development and optimization service available

No. Type Specification Pressure Flow Area Height Capacity  of raw material
1 5L+1L two extractors two separators 500bar 60L/H 10 m2 2.5 m testing purpose
2 10L three extractors two separators 500bar 100L/H 10 m2 3 m 10 to 20 kg
3 25LX3 three extractors two separators 400bar ~ 500bar 300L/H 20 m2 4.5 m 50 to 150 kg
4 50LX3 three extractors two separators 400bar ~ 500bar 600L/H 80 m2 5.5 m 0.1 to 0.3 ton
5 100LX3 three extractors two separators 400bar ~ 500bar 1000L/H 130 m2 7 m 0.2 to 0.6 ton
6 200LX3 three extractors two separators 400bar ~ 500bar 1500L/H 200 m2 8.5 m 0.5 to 1.2 ton
7 300LX3 three extractors two separators 400bar ~ 500bar 2500L/H 300 m2 9 m 0.7 to 2 ton
8 400LX3 three extractors two separators 400bar ~ 500bar 3500L/H 400 m2 9.5 m 1 to 2.5 ton
9 500LX3 three extractors two separators 400bar ~ 500bar 4000L/H 450 m2 10 m 1 to 3 ton
10 600LX3 three extractors two separators 400bar ~ 500bar 4000L/H 500 m2 10 m 1.5 to 3.5 ton
11 800LX3 three extractors two separators 400bar ~ 500bar 6000L/H 540 m2 12 m 2.5 to 4.5 ton
12 1000LX3 three extractors two separators 400bar ~ 500bar 8000L/H 540 m2 14 m 3 to 6 ton
13 1500LX3 three extractors two separators 400bar ~ 500bar 8000L/H 600 m2 14 m 3.5 to 8 ton
14 2000LX3 three extractors two separators 400bar ~ 500bar 10000L/H 600 m2 16 m 5 to 12 ton
15 3500LX3 three extractors two separators 400bar ~ 500bar 16000L/H 700 m2 16 m  

Equipment composition

The equipment is composed of CO2 supply system, extraction and separation system, CO2 circulation system, clean system, co-solvent system, cold water circulation system, hot water circulation system, steel platform, control system, tail gas recovery system, and so on.

CO2 supply system

Put liquid CO2 by delivery pump to condenser before or during operation. The CO2 supply system contains: outside CO2 delivery pump, outside tank.

Extraction and separation

The liquid CO2 flow through pre-heater to heat after pump by CO2 high pressure pump, then flow to extractor, the outlet temperature will be controlled automatic.

CO2 circulation system

The CO2 will back to middle storage tank after finish extraction, waiting the pressure balance between extractor and middle tank at 50bar, then put the left CO2 of extractor to the next extractor

Clean system working

Pump the clean agent to pipes from clean tank when finish extraction working.The clean system is composed of clean storage tank, clean pump.

Cold water circulation system

Pump tap water to purified water equipment, it flows to cold water tank after purifying. Pump cold purified water to refrigerator, the water will back to cold water tank after cooling.

Hot water circulation system

Put soften water to hot water tank, start hot water circulation pump and heated by electro-boiler(or heated by vapor), then distribute the hot water to extractor, separator, heat exchanger by the use of hot water circulation pump.

Steel platform description

The steel platform is for device fix and operation.With carbon steel, and antirust paint, the plane and stair is stainless steel riffled plate.

Tail gas recovery system

When extraction finish, close CO2 high pressure pump, the CO2 of extractor and separator will flow back to middle tank, when pressure balance, let the CO2 of extractor to another extractor, and pump the residual CO2 by compressor when pressure balance between two extractors.

Control system description

The control system is composed of low voltage switch box, PLC control cabinet, extractor quick-open chain control cabinet, control computer, cooling unit control cabinet, and so on.


Thousands of equipment have been running successfully


To give your customer best service, we build a supercritical Key Lab, where has 1L, 10L, 100L, and 300L supercritical device. and so we can do extraction process and raw material production.




Extration of Natural Constituents From Plants By SCFE
Plant Rhodiola sachalinensis A.Bor. Glycyrrhiza Hemp Astragalus Folium Ginseng Musk deer
Constituent Salidroside Glycyrrhizic acid CBD Oil Astragalus Ginsenoside Musk
Plant Rhizoma Chuanxiong Flos Caryophyli Amomum compactum Antibiotic HerbaArtemisiae Annuae Evening primrose
Constituent Oil of Rhizoma Chuanxiong Essential oil of Flos Caryophyli Oil of amomum compactum Exsolution Abrotine Oil of evening primrose
Plant Bottom oil Yolk powder Soy bean Grape seed Medlar seed Fructus Hippophae
Constituent Vitamin E Lecithin Phosphatide Oil of grape seed Oil of medlar seed Oil of Fructus Hippophae seed
Plant Wheat Corn Tobacco Cumin Fish Zingiber Corallimum
Constituent Germ oil Germ oil Nicotine coffee Cumin oil DHA EPA Zingiber oil
Plant Tea Hop Chili Garlic Zanthoxylum L. Ginkgo
Constituent Polyphenols of tea Hop concrete Chili pigment Garlic oil zanthoxylum oil ginkgo flavone
Plant Sweet osmanthus Rose Jasmine Rice Husk Ash Tomato Lavender
Constituent Osmanthus oily flavor Rose flavor Jasmine flavor Aerogel Lycopene Lavender oil

What our clients say

"Fast delivery. It took only 4 months from placing the order to the receipt of the equipment. "

-Taylor Weed

"Excellent technical support. Our employees got very systemtic training. Installation and trial run were quite smooth. "

- Patrick Vasquez

"Yield rate is higher than the experiment I did before. And extract quality was also very good, sold in a higher price. "

- Paulo Fortes

"Great engineers. They could reply you within 6 hours no matter what problem it is. Feel very assured. "

- Tomas Laur

"Very efficient and energetic team. This is the most impressive cooperation experience I have. Smooth communication. Smooth production. Smooth shipment. Everything was well-organized and went well. "

- Nicholas Hill

"They can make this equipment in a customized way. Quite surprised. We had a fully technical exchange with each other and I got the machine totally designed according to my own requirement. Really amazing! "

- Atanas Zafirov

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