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Aerogels Welcome The Industrialization Of Dawning Billion Market To Be Excavated

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Aerogels welcome the industrialization of Dawning billion market to be excavated

Aerogel, meaning "flying gel" (combination word areo-gel). How can a gel fly? Imagine, if you take away the moisture of the jellyfish without changing its volume, what is it? Aerogel is so, its own 80%~99.8% exists in the form of gaseous -- this is the magic of it. Aerogel is the lightest amorphous solid material that man can make artificially. It is "solidified smoke" and "fifth forms of matter".

Aerogels Welcome The Industrialization Of Dawning Billion Market To Be Excavated

Aerogels have high porosity and low thermal conductivity, which make them possess excellent material properties: super light, adiabatic and heat resistant. It has many alternative scenarios for traditional materials, which are expected to be used in applications involving temperature insulation.

In terms of classification, aerogels contain carbon aerogels, sulfur aerogels, metal aerogels and oxide aerogels. However, the synthesis of silica aerogels is the most widely used in terms of preparation cost and other comprehensive factors. For example, aerogel materials have been used in the thermal insulation and fire prevention of batteries in many electric buses in Beijing. In addition, the porous and slow release characteristics of aerogels will also be used in food packaging, drug development and other fields in the future.

Aerogel material can only be seen in the laboratory. Now, this material is ushering in the dawn of industrialization.

Previously, due to the preparation technology and other reasons, the aerogel products in foreign countries occupied China's aerogel market. At present, this situation is also being reversed.

It was true that foreign products occupied most of China's market, for example, the Aspen (ASPEN) Company in the United States, aerogel products entered the Chinese market very early. However, in recent years, China's aerogel industry has been developing very fast, and the cost of preparation has been decreasing, so that the price has gradually recovered its advantages. Although China has done more research on aerogel scale production than Europe and America for more than ten years, it is at the same level as international counterparts in research and application.

The domestic aerogel industry is far from reaching the level of prosperity, and truly large-scale production of aerogel materials enterprises "only a few", has not really formed the industry ecosystem.

The demand for aerogel insulation materials in China has increased by more than 20% per year, or even more than 30%, which is much higher than that of ordinary industrial materials. Especially in the background of declining Industrial Development in recent years, this figure is particularly bright.

The reason behind this is that people are increasingly demanding materials for energy conservation and environmental protection.

The main alternative scenarios now focus on the transportation industry, such as bus, high-speed rail, ship-related material alternatives. Building materials replacement is still in the stage of high-end building application, and has not been widely applied. When electric vehicles run up the streets, the demand for applications is even greater. Calculating the potential market demand will be a 100 billion level market in the future.

We should vigorously develop from the national level.

Compared with aerogel materials, traditional materials are not only poor in performance, but also in the process of preparation. It is also a thermal insulation material of A4 paper size and size. From the thickness, rock wool is 3~5 times more than aerogel.

Rock wool is a kind of common insulation material, its preparation to open-pit quarrying, high-temperature furnace melting, is a high energy consumption, non-environmental protection materials. The use of aerogels can significantly reduce the application of high energy consumption and high pollution materials. If it can be replaced in large scale, the role of natural gas and environmental protection is self-evident.

The use of aerogels is not only a substitute for materials, but also an alternative to energy structure and production mode. Fires and explosions in Jing'an, Shanghai, and Xihongmen, Beijing, are all related to the use of flammable insulation materials. Considering the safety of people's lives and property, we should popularize the application of high temperature and non combustible aerogel materials.

The wide application of materials will inevitably involve the formulation of standards. One good news is that the first national aerogel material standard, nanoporous aerogel composite insulation products, has been prepared and implemented in September 1, 2018.

At the invitation of Nanjing glass fiber research and Design Institute, Audemars Pigeut AI and participated in the national standard preparation of aerogel products since the beginning of 2015, and provided a number of samples to the national standard setting working group. Standardization has played a positive role in promoting enterprise development and promoting industrial transformation and upgrading.

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