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      Supercritical Fluid Co2 Technology

      Application: The characteristics of supercritical extraction determines its application is very broad. Such as in the pharmaceutical industry can be used for the extraction of active ingredients of Chinese herbal medicine heat-sensitive biological pro

      Product Descriptions

        Supercritical fluid CO2 technology is a new and clean isolation technology which exploits the special dissolving capacity of CO2 and target substance under supercritical condition by controlling CO2 pressure temperature etc. to dissolve and isolate target substance. Compared with other traditional processes it shows incomparable advantages such as using inert gas as solvent cheap and easily accessible; pollution-free and environment-friendly; simple process; no residue of chemical solvent in target substance which guarantees the quality of target product.

      Product Technical parameter

      Application Fields of Supercritical Fluid CO2 Extraction Equipment and Products

      Serial Number

      Application Fields

      Target Substance


      Chinese Medicine

      Tanshinone artemisinin bupleuri ligustrazine fructus cnidii perilla seed oil patchouli oil cinnamon oil angelica oil mangnolia officinalis powder shikonin etc.


      Health Products

      Ganoderma spore oil lycoypene.


      Flavor and Fragrance

      Zanthoxylum oil ginger oil clove oil cinnamon bark oil star anise oil cumin oil etc.


      Material Preparation

      Drying of aerogel SiO2 powder TiO2 powder nanoscale targeted drug powder etc.


      Unsaturated Fatty Acids

      Seabuckthorn seed oil wheat germ oil evening primrose oil perilla seed oil grape kernel oil walnut oil and saw palmetto oil.



      Cleaning environmental improvement decaffeination pesticide residue removal etc.

      Product Advantages


      1 Reasonable structure: Supercritical fluid CO2 extraction equipments are high-voltage equipments therefore we have designed short connections high strength light vibration to ensure safe and efficient in order to achieve the reduction of production costs and extraction speed.

      2 Energy-efficient: We use frequency conversion technology to reduce the power consumption of high-pressure pump by 30%. In addition automatic heat pump technology is used between the cooling and heat exchanger to heat the heat generated by the cooling unit for gas heating in the system this can reduce heat consumption by 50%. As a result of fully automatic control the entire operation is more efficient and conveniental shorten the non-working energy-consuming time after running more than 10% energy can be saved.

      3 Automatic operation: extraction kettle lid mining and quick-open structure the use of system gas lid double extraction kettle alternating work changing the tank time of not more than 5 minutes saving a lot of time than the traditional methods but also reduce the labor intensity.

      4 Early warning and monitoring: system over-voltage over-temperature overtime equipment anomalies have alarm and emergency measures the system has a total of six safety valves all high-pressure valves are monitored open the extraction tank by zero pressure test control to prevent misuse caused by the danger of contact with the material in the equipment used in all stainless steel (1Cr18Ni9Ti) fully able to meet the production requirements of food or medicine.

      5 Vertical high-pressure pump: high-pressure pump with vertical structure better shock resistance longer life expectancy.

      6 Import of refrigeration unit: the quality of the refrigeration unit directly affects the stability and safety performance of the system work process we use the original import machine head unit the cooling process and the entire system coordination and to achieve full automatic control.

      7 Rapid washing: In order to facilitate the user to produce different products the system for the first time increased equipment washing process.

      8 Automatic Control: In the domestic supercritical extraction equipment we take the lead in achieving the full automatic control equipment with the production of the detection regulation control records alarm and all other functions and already have a mature control of independent copyright software. Comprehensive performance has reached the technical level of similar foreign products.

      9 Quick start basket structure design unique. When the lid is opened it can be taken out simultaneously with the sealing lid greatly saving auxiliary equipment discharging time and more compact operation. The formula of the seal material is determined by tens of thousands of tests. Ensure that the seal will not "seize" the seal cover when the cover is opened thus achieving a true quick-release seal compact structure small size can be placed on the experimental table (platform) on the use of mobile is very convenient. Some advanced and reliable control. Temperature control using computer controller high accuracy; flow and pressure using mechanical adjustment stable and reliable. And auxiliary equipment such as constant temperature hot water bath and chiller connection are used hoses disassembly convenient and quick. Analytical pressure is low. As the equipment of CO2 dioxide without recovery direct emptying so the analytical pressure close to atmospheric pressure analytical full high yield high extraction efficiency. Since all the CO2 dioxide passing through the material is "fresh" CO2 dioxide its solubility is significantly higher than that of recycled CO2 dioxide so the extraction time is greatly shortened thus increasing the batch of experimental day. In addition different "pure" components can be obtained by changing the process parameters.

      Product Application


      The characteristics of supercritical extraction determines its application is very broad. Such as in the pharmaceutical industry, can be used for the extraction of active ingredients of Chinese herbal medicine, heat-sensitive biological products, drug purification, and lipid mixture separation; in the food industry, hops extract, pigment extraction; In the spices industry, natural and Refining of synthetic fragrances; separation of mixtures in the chemical industry. Specific applications can be divided into the following area:

      1. food applications

      2. Health care products applications

      3. Application in traditional Chinese medicine

      4. chemical applications

      5. Pesticide residue analysis in the application

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