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      Supercritical Fluid CO2 Extraction Equipment

      Application Of Supercritical Fluid Extraction: Food ingredients(Ginger pepper parsley pepper garlic chrysanthemum) medicine(Angelica medlar Artemisia sage chamomile cinnamon turmeric) health care(Tomatoes sea buckthorn pomegranate walnuts) Pesticide(N

      Product Descriptions

        Supercritical Fluid Technology Definition:

        Usually only have a material gas solid liquid three-phase the so-called "supercritical fluid" is the means: When the fluid temperature and pressure to achieve a "specific points" gas liquid two-phase of the same density tended to And merged into one uniform of the state such a "specific points" of the fluid is called the critical point. When one of the fluid temperature and pressure are beyond the critical point to achieve the super-critical state at this time of the fluid that is defined as overweight supercritical fluid '.

        Supercritical Fluid Technology Characteristics:

        Once the material into the supercritical fluid state showed that between liquid and gaseous between the stability and special phase can not be entirely classified as a liquid or gas of the areas but also have the characteristics of the two substances. On the one hand that is with low surface tension Di Nianduo and the proliferation of high gas properties on the other hand but also has high dissolved and high density of the liquid therefore particularly in control of the solvents like characteristics making it a Organic and water-based solvents of the best environmental alternatives.

        Supercritical Fluid CO2 Extraction Equipment

        Supercritical fluid extraction equipment


        Supercritical fluid extraction equipment

        Piping system

        Piping system

        Cool the heating system

        Cool the heating system

        Automation control system

        1. Automatic monitoring system

        2. Automatic control program

        3. Four high-pressure cut-off system

        Why we choose CO2 as Supercritical fluid (SCF) ?

        CO2 Characteristic

        1. CO2 is an inert gas that does not chemically react during extraction and is not harmful to the environment

        2. Carbon dioxide is not flammable not easy to explode;

        3. CO2 gas is easy to get cheap can be recycled in production .

        Why carbon dioxide application:

        Basically a variety of gases including water can be as supercritical fluid medium but on the CO2 is the most commonly used. CO2 is mainly due to close at room temperature and normal atmospheric pressure conditions can easily reach supercritical control point therefore become carbon dioxide supercritical fluid technology use the best medium.

        ※ temporary sector to trade in points (critical pressure Pc = 73.8bar critical temperature Tc = 31.1 ℃)

        ※ trading on the acquisition to facilitate cost safe!

        ※ non-toxic colorless odorless is not Ranxing does not have a photochemical reaction

        ※ on the environment-friendly (not damage the ozone layer does not produce smoke)

        ※ power can be dissolved with the temperature and pressure conditions and changes in control

        ※ trading on the use of recycling.

        Supercritical carbon dioxide application advantages:

        ※ 3 S comply with environmental standards

        Reduce-energy conservation and reduce pollution; Reuse-repeated repeated use; Recycle-sustainable resources recycling.

        ※ inexhaustible

        Carbon dioxide is in fact industrial by-products such as the fermentation industry the petrochemical industry in the process will have a high concentration of carbon dioxide the collection of purified liquefied compressed can be stored after use. To facilitate the cost can be substantial acquisition will not be limited petrochemical energy crisis.

        ※ environmental systems and material existence the environment without interference

        Carbon dioxide in the natural world everywhere beverages soft drinks and human metabolism is natural there are do not damage the environment heterogeneity of intrusive interference. Will not adversely affect the environment environmental waste.

        ※ sterile and can inhibit bacterial growth

        ※ non-toxic safe

        Is not Ranxing no explosive non-corrosive chemical stability non-toxic; does not need to meet fire explosion or anti-corrosion of special protective equipment.

        ※ low temperature room temperature operation the broad scope of application

        31.1 ℃ temperature temporary sector so the selective application of the substantial increase in solute and can not avoid the objects of high temperature heat damage.

        ※ 95% more CO2 recovery

        Very easily and can be completely separate and solute the solute and solvent that is easy to accept without question residual reserves.

        ※ breakthrough low temperature extraction technology

        Can be conducted at low temperature extraction will not damage the heat sensitive material.

        ※ replace the traditional high pollution wet process

        Optoelectronic semiconductor industry including the process of photoresist coating developing and etching photoresist stripping cleaning drying metal deposition etc. can be found in liquid or supercritical CO2 in the media complete as a revolutionary production of green technology . The future supercritical CO2 technology will be great potential take into account environmental cost and technical advantages in the semiconductor industry technology to become widespread. However supercritical fluid in the semiconductor industry is not limited to this application such as supercritical water oxidation (SCWO) technology in toxic emissions / waste water treatment liquid CO2 dry cleaning dust-free clothing etc. there are unlimited potential and applications to be developed.

        Supercritical Extraction Precedure:

        Supercritical Extraction Precedure

        Supercritical Fluid Extraction Development Trend

        1. Supercritical fluid extraction gradually replace the traditional extraction methods;

        2. The next five years the use of global technology supercritical fluid extraction technology will increase by 30%

      Product Technical parameter

      Comparison with traditional extraction technology

      Comparison with traditional extraction technology


      traditional extraction technology

      Supercritical Fluid CO2 Extraction


      Solvent residue

      NO Solvent residue


      Solubility can not be changed

      By changing the pressure and temperature we can achieve changes in solubility


      Under the influence of high temperature heat-sensitive substances are destroyed

      The extraction takes place at low temperatures and the material will not be destroyed


      Few choice of solvents

      Wide selection (solubility controllable (pressure-temperature))


      An extra method is needed to separate the solvent

      The separation is simple and efficient without any residue


      Most solvents are unsafe and contaminate the environment

      Ecological safety does not affect the environment

      Product Advantages

      Supercritical Fluid Extraction Advantage:

      1. Environmental protection

      2. Extraction product improve the health

      3. Improve the food safety

      Supercritical Fluid Extraction(SFE) Working Principle:

      Supercritical CO2 extraction means CO2 goes to a supercritical phase after pressurization and heating temperature above critical points. CO2 at supercritical phase have solubility powers similar to liquid organic solvents but with higher diffusivities higher transfer efficiency lower viscosities and lower surface tension. With advantages of non-toxic colorless odorless incombustibility non-photochemical reaction eco-friendly and easy recycling CO2 is now considered as the best solvent for Supercritical Fluid Extraction technology.

      Supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) is a new chemical industry that uses supercritical fluids to separate recover and purify matter at critical temperatures and critical pressures.

      The technology is environmentally friendly known as "green technology"

      ◆Green Environmental Protection Technology:

      Supercritical CO2 extraction has no disadvantages of traditional extraction method. Ex, the biological activity is easy to be damaged in high-temperature distillation extraction, the organic solvent left in solvent extraction will influence the purity of extract, the aroma of esters is easy to vanish away in expression extraction.

      Supercritical CO2 extraction can extract high purity natural compounds easily. There is no solvent residues and little thermal degradation of sensitive compounds will occur. Separation and purification of totally natural and healthy compounds can also be achieved. Supercritical CO2 extraction is the green and epoch-making technology today and tomorrow.

      ◆Supercritical Fluid Technology Advantages:

      ●Effectively bioactive ingredients extraction with lower viscosity and higher penetration to the matrix

      ●Low temperatures extraction condition which result in less degradation of thermally-labile components in the extracts.

      ●Green Solvent with CO2 recovery rate over 95%

      ●No solvent residue in the extract. This means lower operating costs for clean-up and the reduction in post-processing steps.

      ● Non-toxic, high safety degree, non-flammable, non-explosive.

      ●Selective extraction by manipulating the operating conditions (temperature, pressure…).

      Supercritical Fluid Extraction(SFE) Characteristic:

      1. Low viscosity and high air permeability

      2. Excellent solubility with similar liquid density

      3. The solubility of a substance depends on the density of the solvent. By changing the pressure and the temperature we can achieve a change in the solubility parameter

      Product Application

      Application Of Supercritical Fluid Extraction:

      Food ingredients(Ginger, pepper, parsley, pepper, garlic, chrysanthemum), medicine(Angelica, medlar, Artemisia, sage, chamomile, cinnamon, turmeric), health care(Tomatoes, sea buckthorn, pomegranate, walnuts), Pesticide(Neem,

      pyrethrum), Cosmetic(Aloe Vera, Rose, Lavender, Almond, Peony, Peppermint, Sage, Honeysuckl)


      Ginger -> supercritical extraction -> Ginger essential oil

      1. Ginger oil can be used as a food additive.

      2. Essential oils which containing gingerol can be used in medicine.

      3. After dilution, essential oils can be used to produce bioactive additives.

      Food ingredients

      Chilli red pigment -> supercritical extraction -> Pepper fine

      Black pepper -> supercritical extraction -> Black pepper oil concentratic

      Anise -> supercritical extraction -> Star anise oil concentratic

      Olives -> supercritical extraction -> Olive oil

      Nutmeg -> supercritical extraction -> Nutmeg essential oil

      Cinnamon -> supercritical extraction -> Cinnamon oil

      Cumin -> supercritical extraction -> Cumin oil

      Celery -> supercritical extraction -> Celery oil

      Chrysanthemum -> supercritical extraction -> Chrysanthemum oil

      Garlic -> supercritical extraction -> Garlic oil

      Pepper -> supercritical extraction -> Pepper oil


      Artemisia -> supercritical extraction -> Artemisinin -> Anti-malarial drugs, Antibacterial,Antiparasitic,Antipyretics,Immune enzymes

      Angelica concentratic -> Angelica oil concentratic

      Wolfberry -> supercritical extraction -> Wolfberry oil

      Ganoderma lucidum -> supercritical extraction -> Ganoderma lucidum oil concentratic

      Cinnamon -> supercritical extraction -> Cinnamon oil

      Turmeric -> supercritical extraction -> Curcumin

      Yolk -> supercritical extraction -> Lecithin

      Tea -> supercritical extraction -> Caffeine

      Bioactive additives

      Tomato peel -> Supercritical extraction -> Lycopene

      Lycopene is a natural dye, anticancer drug, antioxidant, immune enhancer, to extend life expectancy.

      Health products

      Seabuckthorn fruit -> supercritical extraction -> Sea buckthorn oil

      Walnut -> supercritical extraction -> Walnut oil

      Rice -> supercritical extraction -> Rice oil

      Wheat germ -> supercritical extraction -> Wheat germ oil


      Honeysuckle -> Supercritical extraction -> Honeysuckle oil

      1. Honeysuckle essential oil can nourish the skin, remove pigment spots, balance sebum, skin care is an integral part;

      2. Chlorogenic acid contained in essential oils of honeysuckle can stimulate metabolism, is an immune stimulator, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory agent.

      Rose -> supercritical extraction -> Rose oil

      Lavender -> supercritical extraction -> Lavender oil

      Aloe vera -> supercritical extraction -> Aloe vera oil

      Safe insecticide

      Azadirachtin -> supercritical extraction -> Azadirachtin oil

      Azadirachtin is currently recognized as a broad-spectrum, high efficiency, low toxicity, easily degradable, non-residue and non-resistant pesticides, no pollution to humans and animals and the surrounding environment.

      Pyrethrum -> supercritical extraction -> Pyrethroids

      Fish vine -> supercritical extraction -> Rotenone

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