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      10mm Aerogel Ceramic Fiber Insulation Blanket

      Pipeline Insulation Tank Insulation Household/Appliance Insulation Building Insulation Cold Insulation Transportation Insulation Chemical Equipment Military Aerospace Insulation

      Product Descriptions

        10mm SiO₂ aerogel ceramic fiber material is based on ceramic fiber and composite aeogel into the substrate. The product’s thermal conductivity is not more than 0.020 (W / m.K). It is suitable for high temperature and can meet the heat insulation requirements it is widely used in industrial equipment and pipelines that are more than 600 ℃.

      Product Technical parameter

      Model SACB-0-10
      Thickness(mm) 10
      Width(mm) 1200/1400
      Color White/Customized
      Service Temperature(℃) 600~1000
      Density 200±20kg/m3
      Linear Expansivity


      Dimensional stability(max) 1% Test method GB/T 8811
      Compressive property (min)[email protected]% Test method GB/T 13480
      (min)[email protected]%
      Combustion Performance Grade A1 Test method EDIN 5510
      Burning behavior class S4
      The smoke performance level SR-2
      Drip content level ST-2
      Tensile strength(min)Kpa 80 Test method GB/T 17911
      Coefficient of thermal conduction(W/mK) 600℃ 0.011 Test method GB/T 10295-2008
      700℃ 0.012
      800℃ 0.014
      900℃ 0.018
      1000℃ 0.021
      Application PetroleumChemical Industry Electric Power etc. in the Pipeline and Equipment Insulation can also be used in Aeronautics and Astronautics Fields.

      Product Advantages

      Insulation performance better

      Overall fire A-level non-combustible

      Construction is simple safe

      Excellent acoustic noise reduction

      Excellent hydrophobic properties

      Excellent tensile strength

      Product Application

      Pipeline Insulation, Tank Insulation, Household/Appliance Insulation, Building Insulation, Cold Insulation, Transportation Insulation, Chemical Equipment, Military Aerospace Insulation

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