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Aluminum Coil Price

Tradematt (Henan) Industry Co. Ltd. a trusted manufacturer from China supply high quality aluminum coils. these aluminum coil stock are used for insulation utensils tanks boilers sugar plants discillary plants e
  • Product Series(Alloy) :

    1XXX / 3XXX / 5XXX / 6XXX
  • Thickness mm :

    0.1 ~ 5
  • Diamete mm :

    100 ~ 1500
  • Temper :

    O H12 H14 H16 H18 H24 Etc.
Product Details
Aluminum Coils Products Description
Tradematt (Henan) Industry Co., Ltd., a trusted manufacturer from China, supply high quality aluminum coils. these aluminum coil stock are used for insulation, utensils, tanks, boilers, sugar plants, discillary plants etc. We can supply Aluminum sheet rolls as per customers requirement. Our aluminum coil prices are mainly determined by your purchase quantity(tons), grades and product temper (or application).

Aluminum Coil Price

Features of Aluminum Coils

1. Numerous possibilities of textures, colours and surface finishes
2. Very durable over the long term
3. Requires minimal maintenance
4. Light weight – one third of the weight of steel
5. High strength-to-weight ratio
6. Does not burn and is not noxious in case of fire
7. Aluminium creates an impermeable barrier to air, water and wind
8. Non toxic
9. Good conductor of electricity
10. Not electro-static – does not attract dust and dirt

Product detailed parameters
Thickness, mm 0.5 - 10
Width, mm
600-2600, can slitting the width as customers’ requiremnet.
1050 1060 1100 3003 3004 3105 5052 5083 6061 etc.
H18 H26 H14 H12 H22 H16 H24 H22 O H111 H112 etc.
Package Standard export seaworthy or as customers’ requirements
1. The lighting.
2. Solar reflective pieces
3. architectural appearance , outdoor design.
4. Indoor decoration: ceiling, ,  etc
5. Furniture,  cabinets,
6. elevator lift, lift, electric lift
7. Sign, plague, bags
8. Car interior decoration
9. Indoor decorations,  such as picture frames
10. Household appliances: refrigerators,  microwave ovens,  audio equipment,  etc
11. Aerospace and military aspects, Big aircraft manufacturing,  the shenzhou spacecraft series,  satellites,  etc
Ireland, Singapore, Indonesia, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Canada, USA, Brazil, Thailand, Iraq, Russia, Holland, Turkey, Kuwait, Korea, Iran, India, Egypt, Oman,
Malaysia, Peru, Vietnam, Mexico, etc.
MOQ 2 - 3 tons

Aluminum Coil Price
As the main aluminum coil manufacturer and supplier in China, our aluminum coil price is more competitive and more advantageous. If you don't know the grade and temper of the aluminium rolled coil you want, please let us know your application area and our engineers will recommend the right aluminum alloy coil for you.
In addition to aluminum coils, TradeMatt can also provide you with aluminum discs and aluminum sheets in various sizes and grades.

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