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Aerogel for Industrial Insulation

Tradematt aerogel blanket for industrial insulation is engineered to minimize heat losses and help maintain uniform temperatures thereby providing superior temperature control.
  • Thermal conductivity :

    About 0.016W(m.k)
  • Operating temperature :

    -200℃ - 650℃
  • Thickness :

    3mm 6mm 10mm
  • Density :

    200±20 Kg/m³
Product Details

For almost two decades, Tradematt Aerogels has built a reputation for solving industrial insulation’s toughest challenges. When it gets too hot, too wet, or too tough for other thermal insulations, owners and operators around the world turn to aerogel insulation products to restore performance and productivity.
Superior asset protection
Tradematt aerogel insulation is engineered to minimize heat losses and help maintain uniform temperatures, thereby providing superior temperature control. For industrial insulation repeated expansion and contraction cycles, combined with high temperatures and water ingress can destroy conventional materials, leading to performance issues. Safety is a concern when persistently wet or missing insulation can lead to accelerated corrosion of Industrial piping and equipment.
Aerogel insulation
Aerogel insulation’s uniquely hydrophobic, yet breathable properties are combined with a multi-layer protection to ensure that industrial assets remain dry, and therefore, working efficiently. Superior attachment details also limit fatigue stress formation. 
When you insulate with an engineered aerogel products, you provide the best protection for your assets, allowing them to operate safer, for longer.

Aerogel for industrial insulation
Reduce operating expenses
Heat loss greater than allowed for in the original design of industrial insulation can occur as a result of uneven heating and cooling. This loss can require increases in equipment heat rates to compensate. Our aerogels combat these losses for the life of the unit, allowing the equipments to get back to operating targets.
Whether planned or unplanned, industrial equipment maintenance events are complex, and downtime is costly. Routine inspection and maintenance should not automatically mean your insulation needs to be replaced. Using a well-designed insulation system that incorporates aerogel blankets will allow you to remove and reuse your insulation. After all, if the insulation is damaged enough to warrant replacement, it likely was not doing its job in the first place—preventing you from doing yours.
Optimize infrastructure
Just 2” (50 mm) of aerogel for industrial insulation can provide the same level of heat conservation as 6” (150 mm) of mineral wool. So in the congested environment
This new high temperature insulation materials(-200℃-650℃ ) has clear advantages in the congested environment.

Tradematt Aerogels Blankets
Tradematt Aerogel for industrial insulation
1. Delayed coker units insulation
2. Power generation insulation
3. LNG insulation
4. Insulation for steam distribution and district heating systems
5. Thermal insulation of valves
6. Thermal insulation of pipelines
7. Steam pipe insulation
8. Tank insulation
9. Industrial chimneys insulation
11. Insulation for Industrial Ventilation Systems
12. Thermal insulation of industrial equipment
13. Insulation in agriculture and food industry
14. Thermal insulation of vehicles

Aluminum Foil Aerogel Insulation Blanket
Aerogel for other applications
(a). Commercial insulation
(b). External insulation
(c). Internal wall insulation
(d). Garage insulation
(e). Metal structures insulation
(f). Thermal insulation for car-houses

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